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Nuevo Reemplazo Universal BN59-01268D Para SAMSUNG TV Remote Control Q7 Q8 MU7000 MU8000



New Replacement Universal BN59-01268D For SAMSUNG TV Remote Control Q7 Q8 MU7000 MU8000

Please make sure your old remote control is same with picture.

Product Description

Condition: New

Brand: For SAMSUNG

Model: BN59-01268D

Material: ABS Material

Quantity: 1 x remote control, batteries are not included

Compatible models:

QE49Q7, QE55Q7, QE55Q8, QE65Q7, QE65Q8, QE65Q9, QE75Q7, QE75Q8, QE88Q9, UE32M5500, UE32M5520, UE32M5522, UE32M5525, UE32M5590, UE32M5600, UE32M5620, UE32M5690, UE40MU6100, UE40MU6103, UE40MU6120, UE40MU6122, UE40MU6125, UE40MU6192, UE40MU6195, UE40MU6199, UE40MU6400, UE40MU6470, UE43M5500, UE43M5503, UE43M5510, UE43M5520, UE43M5522, UE43M5525, UE43M5590, UE43M5600, UE43M5620, UE43MU6100, UE43MU6120, UE43MU6122, UE43MU6125, UE43MU6192, UE43MU6199, UE49M5500, UE49M5510, UE49M5525, UE49M5600, UE49M6300, UE49M6320, UE49M6399, UE49MU6120, UE49MU6125, UE49MU6195, UE49MU6199, UE49MU6200, UE49MU6220, UE49MU6222, UE49MU6225, UE49MU6292, UE49MU6400, UE49MU6470, UE49MU6500, UE49MU6670, UE49MU7000, UE49MU7070, UE49MU8000, UE49MU9000, UE50MU6100, UE50MU6120, UE50MU6122, UE50MU6125, UE50MU6192, UE55M5500, UE55M5510, UE55M5590, UE55M5600, UE55M5620, UE55M6300, UE55MU6100, UE55MU6120, UE55MU6192, UE55MU6195, UE55MU6199, UE55MU6200, UE55MU6220, UE55MU6400, UE55MU6470, UE55MU6500, UE55MU6670, UE55MU7000, UE55MU7070, UE55MU8000, UE55MU9000, UE58MU6120, UE58MU6122, UE58MU6125, UE58MU6199, UE65MU6100, UE65MU6120, UE65MU6199, UE65MU6200, UE65MU6220, UE65MU6400, UE65MU6470, UE65MU6500, UE65MU6670, UE65MU7000, UE65MU7070, UE65MU8000, UE65MU9000, UE75MU6100, UE75MU6120, UE75MU6122, UE75MU7000, UE75MU8000, UE82MU7000, UE55MU6172

We will send this remote control out within 24 hours after you pay, any other questions please leave notes or contact with me, we'll reply asap.

Product Pictures

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Soporte de la APLICACIÓN No
Nombre De La Marca zap
Uso TV
frecuencia 433 MHz
Condición Nuevo
Pilas Incluidas No
La Comunicación Inalámbrica RF
Material Material del ABS
Canal 1
Número De Modelo BN59-01268D

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Nuevo Reemplazo Universal BN59-01268D Para SAMSUNG TV Remote Control Q7 Q8 MU7000 MU8000

Nuevo Reemplazo Universal BN59-01268D Para SAMSUNG TV Remote Control Q7 Q8 MU7000 MU8000

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